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Technics Electronic Organ

"Technics Electronic Organ" 


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The organ for sale is a Technics Organ, MODEL SX-EX15L-PCM Sound. This Electronic Organ is made by the Panasonic Company, Division of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America.
(The organ is located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.)

It is so much fun to have in your home.
“It plays without playing!
It comes with a manual that explains the

This instrument allows you to instantly set up complete groups of voices or instrumental effects. It makes your melodies sound like those of a professional organist.
Be the envy of your friends.

It has RHYTHM ACCOMPANIMENT BUTTONS such as March, 8 Beat, 16 Beat, Rhumba, Waltz, Jazz Waltz, Swing, Disco 1, Disco 2, Samba, etc.
Some of the voices are the following:
Piano, Harpsichord, Guitar, Tab Voices, Strings, Brass, Guitar, Trumpet, Flute, etc.
There is the FILL IN & INTRO. 
It has 13 pedals. The rhythm is variable. It has a "Musical Display" screen.

There are so many features to use to make your music beautiful
and enjoyable for years to come.

The overall dimensions of the unit: 43-3/8” X 35-19/32” X 19-13/32”.
According to manual, it weighs 101.4 lbs. Output is 40W.
We will include the bench with music storage compartment.
Approx. weight of bench: 28 lbs.

This organ has been gently played. Because of the versatility of it's many voices,
this instrument is equally suitable for HOME, SCHOOL, CHURCH, RADIO or
TV STATION, .... Very good condition.


This instrument is pick-up only in
Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Payment by Postal Money Order or Cash 

Please note:  If out of the Hot Springs, AR, area, 
and having the organ picked up and delivered to you by a third party,
please make arrangements and pay for the pick-up and 
directly to shipping company prior to the pick-up. We will not handle
payment to third party. Thank you.

"No Refunds, No Returns"

If you have any questions,
call me at 501-802-2440
between 9 A.M. & 10:30 P.M., CST.
Leave a short message should no one answer.
This is preferred over text messaging.
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Please: Serious inquiries only.

The following is a little audio we made of the different tempos
and accompaniments that can be used. We apologize for the
sound quality of the recording for it was made on a cell phone
 and does not do it justice. However, it will give you some idea
as to its capabilities for making beautiful music. 

Questions? Call: Stephen at 501-802-2440

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